Kimberley Cranbrook Doula Returns after Maternity leave!

Hello Everyone!

Kimberley birth doula

Meet Wyatt!

Mandala Birth has been quiet for the past 11 months as I took time for my own maternity leave. After a challenging pregnancy with my third child I birthed my final munchkin and welcomed him last February into our family. At home surrounded by his daddy, brothers, aunties and our fabulous midwives. I gave myself a long recovery time as I had some pretty big health issues during the pregnancy. I sure learned a lot to bring back to my practice though.

With winter just around the corner I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming courses and services available some old, and some brand new!


Doula Services

Birth doula services will officially resume in January of 2018, so if you’re due in early 2018 please inquiry quickly as I’m only going to be taking one client a month as my family eases back into on call life. Availability will increase in May, as per usual all my doula clients receive my 25 page guide book, Prep for Birth which we go through during our prenatal appointments so you and your partner can be confident and prepared when labour begins!

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation has been going on even during the ‘maternity leave’ so if you are hoping to get your placenta turned into consumable pills please give me a shout. I am ready, and actually have one on the go as I type this.

Prenatal Classes

Private prenatal classes have been taking place over the past couple months but group classes will resume in February/March 2018. Dates and times can be found on the prenatal page. Confident and Prepared Prenatal Classes are 7 weeks long and are hosted in a group setting, these are fun and interactive classes.

Celebrate Pregnancy Classes will take place three times next year; in January, May and October. I will have a calendar up of the year shortly for all the prenatal classes. We had a great session this past June, one mom sent us this lovely note part way through the course,

I wanted to share that I have really loved the Celebrate Pregnancy classes; it has been a really positive experience, and after every class I take away something new I have learned and more confidence and courage for my upcoming birth!  Thank you for offering such a fantastic experience in a safe and supportive environment. -Nadine, 1st time mama, Cranbrook, BC

Now the exciting news! BRAND NEW CLASS!

Breanna Fast and I have been collaborating again by request from some of our past clients who have urged us to host a postpartum class. So we are unveiling Celebrate Motherhood!

Celebrate Motherhood is a warm and welcoming workshop style class, created for birth integration, mother honouring and of course celebrating your new role as a mama! You’ve done the hard work of birthing your baby, now bring your baby introduce them to the circle and have us wrap you in congratulations. We’ll start the class with a mom and baby yoga session, then move into our circle activities. A baby welcoming, story circle to share what we can or want of our birth experience followed by a potent closing of the bones ceremony. It’s a relaxed, safe and open space, we’ll be serving our favorite local tea from Purcell Organics again!  Please know we are all mothers in this class, your babies are welcome to come for the whole class or to pop in and out to a caregiver if you wish. We understand that babies coo, cry and fart so please don’t be shy about bringing them along.

And…. Dancing for Birth

I’ve also managed to become a certified Dancing for Birth Instructor during my maternity leave and I hope to start running classes in the new year. More on that later as they come together!


That’s it for updates! If you have any questions about my services please send me a message!

How can I help?


PS. Awesome family photo by Lucy Hamilton!

Big News! – Moving To Kimberley BC

Doula Kimberley- Cranbrook BCI have such exciting news, yet it’s bitter sweet. I’m announcing that my family and I are relocating next month to Kimberley BC. I am so excited as it’s a dream we’ve held for years that is finally coming to fruition, yet I know I am leaving behind wonderful clients and such a supportive community of birth professionals that I have come to know and love.

To past clients I want to say Thank You! With each birth I’ve had the honor of attending I realize how incredible, strong and resilient women are, I have learned from each and everyone of you. Thank you for sharing and celebrating your births with me.

To my local midwives, thank you for your kind references over the years, thank you for hosting networking meetings and allowing me to hold workshops, it’s been a pleasure working alongside you, thank you for your dedication to women and families. To the midwives who attended me during pregnancy and birth last year, I am forever grateful for your kindness, your calm reassuring presence and the joy you bring to the birthing room.

To my doula friends and colleges! Where would we be without each other? Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when our jobs aren’t all love and celebrations, thank you for referrals and countless thank yous for being my back up & child care!

I am hopeful that we can stay in touch, and I look forward to a new community of sister support in the Kimberley/Cranbrook area. If you have friends or family out there, let them know I’m coming! I will continue to offer doula services, placenta encapsulation and hope to find a venue to teach my new prenatal classes.

I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the summer, and an empowering birth!



Photo By David Goehring via StockPholio.com

Earth Day! Meet your Doula!

Hey mamas,
Got some exciting news for you this week! This Saturday April 19th, Miranda of Elderberry Birth and I will be hanging out at the Yarrow Earth Day event.
There is a ton of family friendly activities for you to enjoy plus you can come meet us at our tent, we’ll have a comfy chair to nurse and rest in, some goodies for you to taste test, and rebozo sessions. We’ll be talking birth & postpartum, offering some Mama Line Essential Oils and I will be unveiling the new Blessing Way Baskets.
So come visit us, go on an Easter egg hunt, grab a burger and go for a pony ride! Hope to see you there!

Birth Preparation Vs. Wedding Preparation

Dear Mamas,

prenatal classes abbotsfordKnow what makes me sad? That the most incredible day of your life is down played; emotionally and spiritually, it is undermined and undervalued in our society. See that? Time spent wedding prepping vs. birth prep time, it’s really sad and disturbing. I’ve been thinking about it lately and I believe it comes down to fear and the difficulty we face in trying to wrangle it. Planning a wedding for the most part is easy and exciting, yes there are a lot of logistics to it but there is also a whole lot of certainty.

You + Him = Wedding

Wedding = food + family + friends + wine + dress

These are all fun, wonderful and something to look forward to. Birth though, nobody can give you a formula. The most concrete it gets is:

You + Him = baby….

Eventually that baby needs to come earth-side, it’s curious how people don’t invest the same or more, amount of energy into preparing for the birth of their child. Not the baby stuff; goodness knows you’re bombarded enough with that. But with researching options, taking classes and hiring support. I’ve been trying to figure out why couples don’t invest more into birth prep. Is it everyones’ inexperience with birth? The uncertainty and unknown? I believe beneath that uncertainty lies fear. The fear comes in as many shapes and sizes as there are women on the face of this planet. My wish list:

  • I wish you would delve into those fears
  • I wish you knew more going into birth
  • I wish you knew to stand up for yourself and to fight for what you want
  • I wish you had a more active role in your prenatal care and understood that you have rights in the birth room
  • I wish you would pay a fraction as much attention to details in your outlook of birth, as you did during the planning of your wedding

I wish all this because I care about how you look back on your birth. It can be an exquisite and cherished memory or it could be a horrifically traumatic event and absolutely everything in between. I wish all this because I know the statistics, the likelihood of the cascade of interventions which can lead to cesarean. And I know the compelling numbers that support the use of a doula. I’ve seen the empowered women who come into labour armed with knowledge, who shift the trajectory of their birth. I know the determination women have, who have undergone a c-section, when it comes to having a successful VBAC.

Most deeply I wish you knew that the birth of your children completely eclipses the greatness of your wedding day. If you think you know true love, just wait until you experience love at first sight.

I believe if people knew, if people addressed their fears and began looking forward to birth with as much anticipation and preparation as a wedding, that we would see the rates and statistics of birth change significantly. So give me a call, I can walk with you, as you dig  through your fears and hold your hand while you labor that baby into your arms.



Could we just stop the madness!!

I came across an article this week, that disturbed me. I’m not sure where to begin… for myself personally and how I look at the body, healing, birthing and its mechanics, this device concerns me. It bothers me that so much time, effort and energy is spent solving a problem without addressing preventative measures. It worries me that the health community is comparing labour and birth to sports muscle injuries. It worries me that there will be another intervention available for doctors to recommend and that it may not be used in an evidence based manner and that women have to learn about another intervention in order to be fully knowledgeable about her birthing choices and options.

Keep reading loves…