Abbotsford DoulaYou’ve seen and heard the statistics, there’s even a quote that says,

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it”

-Dr. John Kennell

But what does she do?

The truth about doulas is this is her passion project, this is her calling, she loves serving women, she loves sharing her knowledge about birth. She will help you sift through your fears in pregnancy, she will teach you pain coping techniques, she will care about your birth plan. She will invest in your dreams, she will accompany you to prenatal appointments, she will listen, she will offer great local resources, she will be excited to be woken up at 3:17am.

She will stay by your side for 56 hours and not bat an eye about it. She will rub your shoulders, and order take out. She will wipe your tears and whisper exactly what you didn’t know you needed to hear in that moment. She will encourage you, she will celebrate you, she will take the brunt of your cursing, she will get puked on. She will give your husband a well deserved break to nap, she will feed you. She will sway with you, and breath with you. She will believe in you. She will be your personal cheerleader, she will lend you confidence and strength. She will hold your hand, she will stare into your eyes to ward off the fear, she will help you get through those last ten seconds. She will rub your feet, she will make suggestions. She will follow your lead, she will be your leader, she will bring you reassurance that all is well. She will miss Christmas and her own kids birthdays to be with you. She will help you rest, she will hold the bendy straw, she will be there when you need her, she will boil water and braid your hair, she will clean up amniotic fluid in your front hall way. She will set up the birth pool, she will walk around the block with you. She will believe in you. She will pray with you, she will call the midwife, she will time contractions, she will keep calm, she will remind you of the benefits of gravity, she will be your rock, she will give you space. She will use a rebozo, she will bake cookies while you nap, she will respect your wishes, she will fetch you ice, she will see your strength, she will remind you that your body is working, she will massage your back. She will massage your partners back. She will help you find your center, she will carry your hospital bag, she will explain procedures, she will guard the door, she will help you relax, she will tell you you’re beautiful, she will give dad a break, she will remind you to pee, she will offer her arm, she will push your IV pole, she will laugh with you, she will stay with you. She will believe in you. She will go buy dad coffee, she will cry with you, she will go pay for more parking for you, she will sit silently witnessing you in all your magnificence. She will miss meals and hold her own bladder until until she is able to slip away for three minutes. She will ask people to be quiet, she will feed you grapes, she will be there when you get back from the OR, she will scrounge up more pillows, she will take photos, she will tell you are you doing it perfectly, she will remind you to take your rest.

She will bring you a meal, she will help you breastfeed, she will do some laundry, she will tidy up, she will be so proud of you, she will remind you to take it easy, she will help you fill in the gaps of your birth story, she will feel honored to have attended you, she will always remember your birth.