It is an honor to work with birthing families, I learn from each and every women I serve and I am so grateful for your kind words. Thank you again for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of your baby with you! ~Darla

pregnancy and birth resources kimberly BC cranbrook bc“I have really loved the Celebrate Pregnancy classes; it has been a really positive experience, and after every class I take away something new I have learned and more confidence and courage for my upcoming birth! Thank you for offering such a fantastic experience in a safe and supportive environment.” -Nadine, first time mama, Cranbrook, BC


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Doula in Cranbrook, BC

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The birth of our daughter was transformational for us as a couple and as a family, and Darla’s calming, reassuring support helped us to make the experience more relaxed and positive.
Darla has been passionate, professional and attentive from the moment we contacted her, through our birth, and after.  She has an excellent client questionnaire, orientation, and terms of reference so you get to know each other and know what’s important to everyone surrounding the pregnancy and birth.  As well as being an informed teacher, she is committed to continuous learning, and attended at least one professional development course while we were her clients.
Darla’s presence at our birth allowed both my husband and I to fully relax into the event and helped to make it the amazing, transformational experience that it was.  Even though both my husband and I had learned and practiced relaxation exercises in anticipation of the birth, when the contractions became more intense and frequent, we both found ourselves becoming anxious and tense.  Darla helped us to relax again, to remember what we had practiced and to flow with the sensations, emotions, and changes.
Darla offers, but does not push, several optional services including extra prenatal classes, placenta encapsulation, birth-pool rental, lactation consultation, etc.  She will customize a package for you, and these are clearly laid out on her attractive and functional website.
Finally, it was clear that Darla has cultivated a positive, professional relationship with the midwives in our area. She was able to work with them as a team by relaying information over the phone, and by providing continuity while giving updated information about my status when they arrived to our birthing location. Keeping track of contraction timing and intensity, among other tasks, was a big help, and useful to our midwives.
If we do this again, we hope to hire Darla.” Gaetane, first time mom, Cranbrook, BC



“First off, I have to say that my one of my favorite things about Darla is that she is so strong. It is the softness and caring that she expresses her strength with that makes her an amazing person to have at your birth. During labour Darla was like the calm in the eye of a storm. I felt so confident having her with us the whole time to help interpret and clarify the medical side of things, and to remember what the midwives had said about certain things. She stayed patient and calm for my whole 48 hour labour and really helped my husband to stay calm as well, and showed him many ways that he could help me. She has a way of phrasings things that just really helps you during labour, and she know just what to say and when to say it. She was a strong, sturdy, supportive presence in our birth story that we couldn’t have done without. I could go on and on forever, but overall I would say that I would never give birth without a Doula, and Darla is by far the best one around.” -Shelley first time mama to baby O, Cranbrook BC


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“Having Darla as our doula was great, I was worried about labour I’m glad we had a few prenatals visits together to get to know each other. I liked how accessible you were to answer questions and relieve my worries was a big help prior to labour. Having you at my house during labour helped me relax more and not panic. I could focus on my contractions, and getting through them, since you were there to handle everything else and keep me focused. You went beyond what I expected – making sure we had snacks and everything we needed to get to the hospital, and you jumped right in to help during contractions when Steve was tired or unsure what to do to help. Thank you!”, Love Baby E and Milana, first time mom Cranbrook



cranbrook placenta encapsulation

“I’m so glad I chose to encapsulate my placenta this time around! I had a significant amount of energy after my third birth and thought with having two others 5 years and under that I would be more exhausted. I was presently surprised. Bleeding duration was so short, and I began feeling like myself (hormones balanced) very quickly after beginning the pills.
Darla’s website was easy to navigate, the midwives recommended her, and after our initial contact I felt safe, comfortable, and educated on her services. I looked forward to meeting her after our email exchange and in person you were even more lovely.  Darla was so prompt picking up the placenta and returning the pills to me and the surprise gifts of the stamp of the placenta and cord heart were just lovely.” – Lindsey-Marie, mama of 3 Cranbrook, BC
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“First, I want to thank you so very much!! Motherhood has been incredible, and I truly believe that a big part of me getting through the first month and half without losing my mind from sleep deprivation is due in large part to the placenta encapsulation. So thank you!!! I still have a few left and I take them on the days where I only get 2-3 hours of sleep, they make such a difference. All around the experience was awesome.” -Lili & Baby C, fisrt time mama, Kimberley, BC




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“It was so wonderful to have Darla there to encourage me every step of the way. For Ben, it was also a huge comfort to have her there because it made for a much more relaxed experience. He felt that he had someone else there who was also able to encourage me and who had knowledge of what was happening. Not only were we blessed with our delightful Eden, it was a successful VBAC, and I was enormously blessed to have a wonderful birth experience. Having Darla as my doula made it all the more wonderful. Ben and I will always remain grateful to her for the support that she gave before and during the birth.”
~Esther & baby Eden, third time mama & VBAC champ


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“My partner and I were lucky enough to have Darla as our doula support for our daughters birth (my first child) at home on a cold January day. She came early and stayed late, providing invaluable support physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She communicated clearly and honored my process and choices in the pre-birth meetings, and when the time came encouraged me to get fully into my labour and ever deeper into the birthing trance. From holding the bendy straw to holding the space, Darla worked hard to ensure my needs were being met and my partner was equally well supported. A wonderful and empowering experience!” ~Erica & baby O




Kimberley Birth Doula

“Darla made a huge difference being there for my birth. Darla reminded me to just relax and listen to my body.
Afterwards she encapsulated my placenta for me, I felt great and had lots of energy! I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks Darla” -Stefani & Baby M




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Kimberley Birth Doula

“Working with Darla was great! I’m glad we hired her as our doula. As a birthing partner, my experience was vastly improved having Darla a part of our birth”  -Stephen & Baby V





“All I can say is that the birth of my second son would not have been such a wonderful experience if it weren’t for Darla. I think the thing about Darla that I loved the most is how she was so calm and confident in what she was doing. When Benjamin, our son, was born, she rejoiced with us as he lay on my chest, so perfect and beautiful.  She just truly cares about the families she helps and loves her job, it shows! I would, and have, highly recommended Darla to other ladies that I know and will continue to do so.” ~Christine & Baby Benjamin

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