Cranbrook & Kimberley Doula Services

Imagine having a good birth, surrounded by those who believe in your ability?

Imagine as you near your birthing time you feel deeply connected to your baby and partner. You have faith in your body to carry you through the unknown labyrinth of birth, and you are relaxed knowing you have a supportive doula sister to lean on. You are comforted by the work you’ve done together to prepare you for the journey of labour. You spend time envisioning yourself and your successful home or hospital birth. You are excited and at peace.

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But right now, just beneath the surface…

A current of concern has you worried, labour seems so unfathomable. You just can’t shake the fact that you’ve never done this before, and aren’t sure how to prepare. And your worst case scenario keeps creeping into your thoughts. You’ve got concerns, you don’t know what to expect and your partner… well they keep having visions of you giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital.

You’ve probably already read all the pregnancy books & blogs, joined the online mommy forums. You’ve attempted yoga, downloaded a new app and taken a hospital tour. You’ve tried explaining it to your Dr, your partner and mom, but something is missing.

I understand, years ago when it came to me and my baby even though I was studying to become a doula, I didn’t know where to begin. That’s very common, for the most part birth is a big unknown, families today are quiet removed from the process of birth, making a couple feel unprepared and anxious.

That’s why I began offering Mandala Doula Care, your personal support for the unknown journey through pregnancy and birth, offering guidance, encouragement and knowledge and creating confidence in both mothers and partners.

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 A doula is for women who:

  • Desire natural home birth, hospital birth, or VBAC
    Want to conquer their fear of birth
  • Believe birth is natural and trust their body knows how to birth
  • Want to try even if they aren’t sure they’ll succeed
  • Want the drugs asap!
  • Hope to avoid a cesarean section birth
  • Seeking alternatives to pain medications
  • Are open to changing their perception of birth


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Whether you’re a first time mama or birthing again….

I know you are strong, capable and can birth this baby.
Mandala doula care combines the perfect blend of spiritual, physical and emotional preparation activities so you can feel ready on every level.
When it’s time to meet your baby, I bring a calming energy. I’ve been there, I’ve witnessed many births and have held many hands. You have a familiar face to look to for encouragement. A voice of reassurance and comfort. I take the expectation off mom & dad to know the answers to, “Now what? Is this normal?” So you can let go of worry and birth in peace.


Your Mandala Doula Care Package Options


 Extended Doula Care Package

This birth bundle is perfect for those wishing for in-depth care and support both prenatally and once baby has arrived. Created with the hope of getting baby in the perfect position for birth, using Optimal Fetal Positioning techniques and the intention of bringing a deep peace to mother & child while building trust between partners, as they enter their birthing time.

Cranbrook Birth Doula

2 Prenatal visit (2 hours in length) where we’ll go over:
•Ideal Birth & “back up” strategy activities
•Hands on practice supporting mama in labour
•Discover your Top 5 Comfort Measures
25 page Prep for Birth Guidebook which includes the answers to such mysteries as: What are the stages of labour? How to recognize labour? When do we call the doula/midwife/go to the hospital? And more!
•Access to my extensive lending library of books + DVDs
•Unlimited email, phone & text-ability, on call availability 37+ weeks
•Holistic, loving support through your birth
•2 Baby moon support visit, to ease the transition to motherhood, help your family flourish, and integrate your birth experience


Price: $950

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Basic Birth Doula Package

This bundle is made for those who are Birthing Again (second, third baby!) or are enrolled in my Prenatal Class. Parents see this package as more of a refresher course. You’ve been there done that, but would like to go over labour coping again and get your team ready for the big day. The Basic Birth Doula Package has all the absolute necessities for having a wonderful birth and a gentle transition to new motherhood.


1 prenatal visit
•All the goodies the Extended Package comes with
•1  Baby Moon Support Visit


 Price : $800

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What you can expect:

In your third trimester we’ll meet in your home for one-on-one relaxed visits where we’ll create a sacred space to delve into your soulful preparation, and work through your 25 page Prep for Birth Guidebook. We’ll spend a few hours together, eat some treats, and sip some tea. We’ll take a labour tour of your home and practice the hands on comfort measures and try the different labour positions.
As you near your birthing time we’ll be in close contact remembering baby will choose her perfect birthday and take it day by day together. We’ll meet again and take a walk through the woods and set deep birth intentions for you both. We’ll put to rest any questions or concerns that are hanging about.
When you feel you’d like me to join you during labour, I’m only a phone call away, I’ll come to you and stay throughout your labour. Once baby has arrived I will help keep you nestled together, encourage breast feeding and get you settled. Of course I’ll see you again at home for your follow up visits.

You deserve a beautiful birth experience and I know that with love and support
you can birth your baby your way, with connection, peace and joy.
Get in touch ~ I’d be happy to answer any questions and schedule an initial interview.



Add Ons

  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Group Prenatal Classes
  • Additional Pre/Postpartum Visits $100
  • Bengkung Belly Bind $45
  • Birth Pool Rental $100 (included in extended pkg)
  • Postpartum Meal Service
  • Pay It Forward Doula Services



Mandala Birth offers birth doula services in Kimberley, Cranbrook and the East Kootenays of Beautiful BC