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Mandala Birth has been quiet for the past 11 months as I took time for my own maternity leave. After a challenging pregnancy with my third child I birthed my final munchkin and welcomed him last February into our family. At home surrounded by his daddy, brothers, aunties and our fabulous midwives. I gave myself a long recovery time as I had some pretty big health issues during the pregnancy. I sure learned a lot to bring back to my practice though.

With winter just around the corner I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming courses and services available some old, and some brand new!


Doula Services

Birth doula services will officially resume in January of 2018, so if you’re due in early 2018 please inquiry quickly as I’m only going to be taking one client a month as my family eases back into on call life. Availability will increase in May, as per usual all my doula clients receive my 25 page guide book, Prep for Birth which we go through during our prenatal appointments so you and your partner can be confident and prepared when labour begins!

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation has been going on even during the ‘maternity leave’ so if you are hoping to get your placenta turned into consumable pills please give me a shout. I am ready, and actually have one on the go as I type this.

Prenatal Classes

Private prenatal classes have been taking place over the past couple months but group classes will resume in February/March 2018. Dates and times can be found on the prenatal page. Confident and Prepared Prenatal Classes are 7 weeks long and are hosted in a group setting, these are fun and interactive classes.

Celebrate Pregnancy Classes will take place three times next year; in January, May and October. I will have a calendar up of the year shortly for all the prenatal classes. We had a great session this past June, one mom sent us this lovely note part way through the course,

I wanted to share that I have really loved the Celebrate Pregnancy classes; it has been a really positive experience, and after every class I take away something new I have learned and more confidence and courage for my upcoming birth!  Thank you for offering such a fantastic experience in a safe and supportive environment. -Nadine, 1st time mama, Cranbrook, BC

Now the exciting news! BRAND NEW CLASS!

Breanna Fast and I have been collaborating again by request from some of our past clients who have urged us to host a postpartum class. So we are unveiling Celebrate Motherhood!

Celebrate Motherhood is a warm and welcoming workshop style class, created for birth integration, mother honouring and of course celebrating your new role as a mama! You’ve done the hard work of birthing your baby, now bring your baby introduce them to the circle and have us wrap you in congratulations. We’ll start the class with a mom and baby yoga session, then move into our circle activities. A baby welcoming, story circle to share what we can or want of our birth experience followed by a potent closing of the bones ceremony. It’s a relaxed, safe and open space, we’ll be serving our favorite local tea from Purcell Organics again!  Please know we are all mothers in this class, your babies are welcome to come for the whole class or to pop in and out to a caregiver if you wish. We understand that babies coo, cry and fart so please don’t be shy about bringing them along.

And…. Dancing for Birth

I’ve also managed to become a certified Dancing for Birth Instructor during my maternity leave and I hope to start running classes in the new year. More on that later as they come together!


That’s it for updates! If you have any questions about my services please send me a message!

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PS. Awesome family photo by Lucy Hamilton!

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