Celebrate Motherhood – Kimberley Workshop

Pause and come Celebrate with us!Kimberley BC celebrate motherhood class

Join Darla Sparrow of Mandala Birth & Breanna Fast for a 4 hour workshop created to Celebrate Motherhood.

Pregnancy is behind you, the challenge of labour is over. You’ve done the hard work of birthing your baby, now bring your little one, introduce them to the circle and let us wrap you in congratulations.

Celebrate Motherhood is a warm and welcoming workshop style class, created for birth integration, mother honouring and of course celebrating your new role as a mama! These classes are a relaxed, safe and open space made to receive you in your tender new role, and revel in who you have become, as a mother. Combining ‘mommy and me yoga’ with potent and healing circle activities you’ll be heard, seen and loved.

This class is for you if…

  • You’re looking for your mama tribe
  • You want to acknowledge your new role as a mother
  • You want to complete your journey through the postpartum phase

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Welcome Mama!

Please know we are all mothers in this class, your babies are welcome to come for the whole class or to pop in and out to a caregiver if you wish. We understand that babies coo, cry and fart so please don’t be shy about bringing them along. If this class resonates with you and you have a child of crawling age or an older child at home please feel free to join us. Having another caregiver to watch them and allow you to slip out for the day would be fantastic. This class is for any mother who wishes to celebrate her motherhood. If you have any questions just let us know.

Classes Will Include:

  • Mommy + Me Yoga
  • Baby Wecoming
  • Birth Story Circle (to share what we can or want of our birth experience)
  • Sipping yummy tea/juice and eating delicious snacks
  • Closing the Bones Ceremony
  • And chocolate!

Kimberley Celebrate Motherhood ClassCost

The cost of the 4 hour course is $150, with a $75 deposit required at time of registration to reserve your seat. The remainder is due before or on the day of class.

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Upcoming Class Dates

December 3, 2017 @ 10:00am-2:00pm at Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness. 100 Deer Park Ave, Kimberley BC.

2018 Dates

April, September, December. Dates, times and location to be announced.

Please bring: an open mind and heart, comfortable clothing, a snack, water bottle and baby gear. Please note, no babies will be kicked out for wild behavior.

B/W by Zoe Ferguson Photography