Receive your copy of Prep for Birth Guide Book

We walk through the preparation process together in this exclusive 25 page workbook. Only available to Mandala Birth clients! Request your free consultation and receive a sample of the workbook immediately via download. You can browse the book at out consultation and you receive a copy upon hiring.

  • Prepare for birth mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Explore and set your intentions while creating your birth preferences
  • Create confident partners with knowledge, visual aids and hands on techniques
  • Know and understand your birth options


Table of Contents

Cranbrook Birth Doula

  • Birth Preferences
  • Feelings About Birth Collage
  • Partners Role + Birth Environment
  • The 4 R’s + Is This Labour?
  • When to Call the Doula + Active Labour
  • Comfort Measures and Relaxation
  • Position and Postures for Comfort
  • Fostering a Sacred Birth + Birth Word Association
  • Birth Affirmations


  • Contraction Timing + Heading to the Hospital
  • A-Z’s of Non-pharmacological Comfort Measures
  • B.R.A.I.N. + Road Map of Labour
  • Interventions + Pain Medications
  • Transition + Pushing
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Keys to a Happy Postpartum
  • Resources